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Thread Owner Rights 2.0.0 released


Thread starter #1
This is a complete rewrite of the add-on, which includes some new features and bug fixes along with some renaming.

New Features:
  • You can view threads your the owner of, even if the thread is in forum is private. You won't see it in thread list, but if you have a link you can view it.
  • Added [H] Move Post permission, this is forum moderator permission that allows admins/moderators to move posts in any thread.
  • Added "Hard Delete Any Post" permission back.
Bug Fixes
As we do not have access to every add-on that has been conflicting with ours, we decided to rewrite the add-on to combat with any issues.

We decided to merge "Add Owners/Remove Owners" onto one single overlay which is more user friendly.

Along with some simplicity and user friendly changes we have changed some add-on permission names, so when updating to the new add-on please make sure to check your permission set as somethings have changed.
  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Simplicity Update
  • Renaming of Permissions